Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What to say, what to say.

Hi guys.

I was almost not going to post today because I can't settle on any one topic, none of them seem interesting enough to blog about. They are things like food, feeling helpless about the state of the world, and why I love my job. All are things that are valid, but I haven't been able to give any of them enough thought to come up with a cohesive and worthy post.

But. I will talk about the weather.

It is Spring here in Canberra, and for a few glorious weeks, I was able to sit and enjoy it. It was that perfect amount of warmth that only ever comes in Spring or Autumn, and there were blossoms everywhere, along with the new little green leaves of the imported trees. 
Well, the blossoms are still around, but the sun is gone. Because the thing about Spring is that she is fickle. It has been raining all day. The rain itself is lovely. When I'm inside. Going outside is not so nice, especially walking from the bus stop in the dark through squelchy grassland. 
The thing about being Australian (and I will cover more of this on Blog Action Day*), is that sometimes it feels like an unspoken rule that one does not complain about the rain. It is such a valuable source. Especially since the local dams have collectively been hovering around the 50% mark for the past year or so. Only in the last month have they crept over. Today they reached 80%.
My point is, while the rain is great for our general well-being, it would be nice to have some sun back. I was just getting to enjoy it. 

*Due to my technological failings, I've been unable to load the widget :( So for now I will just make links :)


  1. Spring. Seems so funny to know the different seasons are somewhere else. Logically - ok, it makes sense. But still, reading someone writing about it just as we're about to enter Fall. But honestly, isn't Fall a reflection of Spring? Just that Spring has the flowers and Fall... well, it falls, but the temperatures are similar and the rain too.

    Rain has the plus for health and need, but I know what you mean - sun is more fun :) Glad you posted today!

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of the blogs I read are North American or from Europe, so it throws me too :)

    And I agree, Fall and Spring are sooo similar, and I always get excited for both - each are a relief from the extremes of Winter and Summer.

    The sun came back today which was nice :)