Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Today I had my second meeting with my supervisor about my Creative Project. Last week I submitted the first draft as the first assessment for this unit, and my supervisor sat down with me and told me where my strengths were, and where I needed to work a little bit harder.

My main thing is to tighten the language - to cut out superfluity and repetition. Apparently my structure is good, which makes me happy and means I can concentrate on the language.

Other things that came up though, are that now we can come to the labels for my project. Before now I have just been writing, and writing whatever came out. Now it turns out that what I've come up with is a YA/crossover fantasy. This is okay with me, but it's weird to think about my work in terms of marketability and audience. This kind of thing has always seemed so far off. But the point of this unit is to mimic real-world scenarios and I have to think like a professional.

Another thing I have to think about is that instead of a novella, I am now working on a novel extract, which means that once this unit is finished, I'll have enough material to keep going.
When I first mentioned my Creative Project, I told you that it was going to be the back story of the older sister of the protagonist of my WiP (the poor thing has been so neglected lately). Now it seems like I have enough material for a duology. And I know I'm going to have to finish both before I give any other ideas a go. Sigh.

And I may well be sighing, but this is all very exciting. Things are happening!

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