Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Just a quick one today because my day has run away from me today. I only just caught it by the hem of it's skirt (like the personification there? Huh? Huh?).

So just wanted to share with you guys something that makes me happy every time it happens. If you're a teacher or a parent, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I got to work today, rushing and panicking and shoveling down a Milo bar because I hadn't eaten anything all day besides two pieces of Vegemite toast, tea and four biscuits. I got down to pool deck, set up what hadn't already been set up by my fellow high-levels instructor and stood at my area of pool deck. Half the kids were there, most of them eager to get going. I sent them off for a warm up while the rest of the class dawdled in, hesitating with the ritual of 'It's too coooold!'.

During the warm up was where I noticed that thing that always makes me do a little cheer, and dance a tiny jig.  A student that I have taught since I started swim-teaching two years ago, went straight into the warm up and his freestyle just clicked. He turned his head to the side at the right time, his arms extended as far as they could go - and he didn't stop during a lap!

He's got a ways to go, but this personal achievement is like my/his own little reward. My classes in general went well today. The whole class (of the improving student) clicked with breaststroke arms by the end of the lesson, and my second class managed to make it through more than half an hour of butterfly drills. They are exhausting!

Seeing students progress is one of the best things about my job. Most of the time the progress is so steady that all I can do is keep going and listen to feedback. It's the best thing when the students suddenly seem to 'get it' from one week to the next.

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