Monday, 11 October 2010

I'm thinking I should start giving my poems titles. Poem 3

Especially if posting poems becomes a regular thing. However, once I've gone through the poems in my notebooks, they'll grow more sporadic. I can always post short stories as well :) We shall see.

I won't explain this poem, it's elusive, but I hope it says something to you. It doesn't need to be profound, so don't worry too much :)

Poem Three

She sighs. She reads well, 
talks of poetry and death,
and its change from infancy.

What is this nonsense?

Outcries my brain.
I'm reading poetry 
and writing it. 

This one was written while critiquing Wallace Stevens' Harmonium


  1. Ha! We're 1/3 through the month. Looks like your doing great! And as far as numbering poetry... you could always number them like they do music: Opus 1, Opus 2, etc.. In high school when we were just beginning to write music we numbered our first creations in the negative with the hope that our best pieces would be real Opus pieces.

  2. Hehe, negative numbers, I like it. :D

  3. i love it when titles add something to the me, the title is almost another line of the poem, but outside it. saying something that perhaps the lines dont say.

    sometimes poetry frustrates me exceedingly because it is often so tied to the poet's experience that its isolated from the reader. that's when i cry out -- what is this nonsense?!! but then, sometimes, it all clicks and shines and means something really important...even if the meaning is fleeting or not exactly what the poet had in mind.

    anyway...long response. sorry! :)