Thursday, 21 October 2010

10 Days

'Till Halloween! And until NaBloWriMo is over. But Halloween!

I bought the second piece for my costume yesterday. I didn't even mean to, but I saw this mask:

And it is perfect for the image I have in my head. The whole outfit came into my head because I wanted to create something around this top, which I love and have only worn once:
From Bardot

I'm not going to tell you exactly what I have planned, but as I get each piece (and progressively destroy each piece for effect), I'll post pictures here. And at the end you'll get to see the whole shebang.

Here is the first piece I got: 
From Tree of Life

How glamorously creepy, hey? I just realised, posting the picture now, that it's not actually a spider cause it only has six legs. It'll still have the right effect though.

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