Friday, 22 October 2010

9 Days

'Till Halloween! (I might count down every day until I can wear my costume, or I might not)

This is what I got up to today, among other things:


The pictures aren't great, sorry about that. But ripped stockings? This is the only time of year I'd be caught in ripped stockings. Normally I throw out a pair with the first visible rip. So when my costume called for ripped stockings, I went out and grabbed the cheapest pair I could find. It was great fun jabbing a sharp pencil through and making the holes. 

I started another part of my costume too, but you'll just have to wait until that bit is finished :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Sydney for the weekend, so you'll have to wait 'till Monday for my next post (sorry about not sticking to NaBloWriMo, these things happen, hey?).


  1. I'm like you, if there's a rip, it goes out. What fun that you can rip it for a reason! Isn't Halloween great!

  2. Yes! The whole being someone/thing else for a night is so much fun. It's also a chance to express yourself in a way that would usually draw strange looks :P