Tuesday, 12 October 2010


No poem today, sorry.

But I will talk about ideas.
I'm only an emerging writer - one with only a few small articles published, and just finishing my Bachelor in Writing - but ideas, and the overflow or lack of, are something that every writer knows about.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I finished the first draft of my Creative Project. I've edited it down the best I could with the time I had, and emailed it off to my supervisor. There are so many things I could have expanded - way too many 'show, don't tell' moments in the manuscript. But my supervisor will give me my comments and I'll be able to keep going. That's a week from today.

In the meantime, my brain has free reign to think of other things. And there's a new character who won't leave me alone. She just won't. All of a sudden her whole life is in my head and I can't get rid of it.
I wrote down as much as I could, then closed my notebook. I want to prove to myself that I can finish something, so this shiny new idea will have to wait. As well as my CP, there's the WiP I've been writing with what little time I have. That has first priority as soon as classes are finished this year.

And it's not just that new idea. There's another really cool fantasy concept that I came up with a month or so ago. It also has to wait. And the other things I started when I was a teenager that I never finished that I'd like to go back and rework someday. They'll have to wait too.

I get a little overwhelmed by all these ideas sometimes, and a little impatient with my current WiP's. But on the flip side it's something amazing that I wouldn't give up - it means that if I'm ever stuck for ideas, I don't have to worry. By writing all these ideas down, I'm giving myself insurance for those days when I'm feeling uninspired. Which seems unlikely at the moment, but I'm sure they exist.

Does this happen to you?


  1. It is as though I wrote it myself. On the spot. I've always been like this, and sadly never gotten around to finishing anything (longish). Thus, that is my main writing goal: Just write - and finish what you started!

  2. It's so hard to have to set aside new ideas! But so much better to have them all coming at you that to feel like that well of ideas is drying up!

  3. Cruella, you're in the middle of a thesis. I'd say that's something longish :P And impressive.