Monday, 2 May 2011

Staying away.

Just for a week, I've decided to stay away from Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is worse because it's just so easy to read through everyone's little things, and then click the links that are posted, reply and remember other people I wanted to follow, and go read all their latest updates. 
Yeah, it's a time suck. As much as it's a great networking tool, it's also a great sucker of time.

So, the reason I need less distractions at the moment, is I'm looking for a job. It's been a nice few months being free and not tied down, but honestly, I miss the structure that a job gives. The money helps too, I won't lie. 
I need to seriously focus. Focus leads to success.

Also, I need to focus on my writing. As much as all the encouragement from all the fabulous people on Twitter give by being in the same boat and posting little snippets of advice to wannabe authors, I think I waste more time perusing all this than opening up the Word document and actually writing*. 

I will keep on with the Blog posts though, and this will be the only time each day I will post on Twitter, so readers can link through. I find Blogging is also less of a time vacuum. More structure, perhaps?

So, I will be around on Blogger :D but the other social networking sites will be put on the back burner. 

WiP2 (there are three at the moment, gah!) is at 13334 words. By Monday next week, I want to be at 20k. Hold me to it!

*Meandering sentence much? 


  1. So good to set limits for yourself. And then hold yourself accountable! Good luck! I think 20K is totally doable. Especially if you're avoiding FB and Twitter.

  2. Haha, thank you. The writing is getting there, and so far I've been pretty successful in avoiding T and FB :)