Thursday, 5 May 2011

National Young Writers Month (NaYoWriMo)

One of the great things about being the member of a writers centre, is you find out about great things like National Young Writers Month. It's going to be in June, so I've got a while to prepare, or psych myself up for it.

The best part about NaYoWriMo, is that us young writers get to set our own goals for the month, and work towards it for all of June.

My initial idea was to finish a draft of something I'm working on. But, there's another idea in my head that's been there for a while, that ties into one of the drafts anyway.

I'm going to start a new blog! Well, it won't be 'me', it'll be one of my characters. After the book takes place, she starts writing a diary to help herself remember what has happened to her.

So! My goal for the month of June, will be for Sal (I may as well tell you her name now) to write three entries a week. This will be a challenge, but I thinks it's time more people met Sal, and hopefully it will give me more insight into this character as well.



  1. As one of the NSW Ambassadors for NYWM I very much look forward to hassling you to achieve this! Its a great goal.

    Also- June 23rd. Not saying anything yet but save the date.

  2. Ah a mystery! Will do :)

  3. Cool! What a great idea. I didn't know about this. I'll be working on a new book this month, too. Perfect timing.