Monday, 22 November 2010


Hey there!

I submitted my last essay today. And had my Spanish oral exam too. I am done with my Bachelor degree (except for the Spanish written, but that'll be cool with the help of a study group :)!

Does this mean I can read as much of whatever I want now? Does this mean I can do as much salsa dancing as I can? Does this mean I can finally concentrate on my WiP???


If this was a vlog, this is the part where I hunch forward and pout at the camera. Because guess what?

I'm moving. And I don't even know when. Due to some things (which I won't go into right now), my house is being put on the market this week. My housemate and her boyfriend have started getting the house cleaned and packed away. Now that I'm done with assignments, it's my turn to do as much as is left. The house could be turned over as soon as next week, or as late as the end of December.

No dancing (hopefully some though). No reading (except during breaks at work, or on the bus).

I will try and do at least 300 words a day though. There are no other (English) words taking up my brain so I think I can manage that. 300 always leads to more anyway. It's just a small amount so that I don't feel guilty about not writing more.

It's a great idea I got from Anne Lamott's writing book Bird by Bird. If you're ever feeling down about your writing or life (what writer doesn't feel this occasionally?), read it for some inspiration.



  1. I did 600 words on my so-called novel yesterday, while waiting in the airport.

    Good luck with you WiP (and the house cleaning) >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Congratulation on finishing your Bachelor's! That's so exciting. You have a degree in Spanish? Spanish was my first language.

    Good luck with the move and with the writing! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, even having finished your studies...

  3. Cold As Heaven: That's the best thing about small word goals, you can get them done while you have snippets of spare time. Airports are always great places to write.

    Carolina: Spanish is an elective/minor, but it's the last exam I have. The degree is in creative writing, so now I get to put what I've learned to the text!