Friday, 5 November 2010

The Body Positive Thursdays (on a Friday)

'Cause yesterday I was procrastinating about writing the next article for my internship. By reading The Scar by China Miéville. Good book. Procrastination-worthy indeed.

Anyway, TBP Thursday. On a Friday.

In the past week I have read two posts that made me so happy. The first was Sarah J Maas's You Are Not Your Clothing Size. I linked it last week but here it is again.

The second was by Karen Healey, author of Guardian of the Dead (another great book, go read it if you haven't already). She posted on the topic of Food is Not a Sin. It really isn't.

That's all on TBP Thursday, because I'm actually getting into this article today. But in honour of food, go eat something yummy. Because you're allowed to.

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  1. That's an important subject, for sure. Many people have a completely distorted image of their own bodies. Variety should be valued. There's nothing as boring as the so-called super models >:)

    Cold As Heaven