Saturday, 11 December 2010

A third.

Hi guys,

It's been half a month since I last posted, and things are busy. And only getting busier.

But, I had my last exam on Wednesday, and got some results for essays and my major project.

I can't write essays. This doesn't surprise me, but I also know it's because I lack passion for them that I can't write them.

I can write fiction though. I got a Distintion for my Major Project. You remember the one I mentioned ages ago, that's a kind of prequel to my WiP? Maybe not. But I got a Distinction! It makes me feel good.

My daily word goal - it's increased from 300 words a day to 1000, because every time I sat down to write, that's about what came out. Of course, some days I write less, but it's not too much of an effort to make up the lack again.
And because of this, I'm a third of the way through the first draft! I'm very excited about where the plot is taking me, and when I stopped today, I left it at a place where the reader gets the first hint of a major revelation.
I can't wait to sit down to my writing tomorrow.

Another thing about being busy, is that as well as not updating here, I haven't been around to any of my favourite blogs. I miss you guys! But, I've got the whole month of January off, so there'll be lots of writing, posting here, and reading of other blogs.

I'll be back soon with a Christmas post. Until then, take care guys.

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  1. A whole month off is a wonderful thing to look forward to! I'd be excited about it, too. Congrats on the distinction award as well as all your progress! Keep at it! It sounds like you're headed in a great direction.