Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Exhaustion, or I'm Going to be Busy

It's been another while since my last post.

But I'm done with assessments and exams! So glad, and trying not to think about the possibly dreadful results I'll be getting in a month or so.

In other matters, I can go to social salsa dancing again! I went last night (King O'Malley's in Canberra for anyone in the area) and had so much fun. And I slept like a baby last night becuse of it. The choreo for SSC10 is getting trickier though. We started partner work two weeks ago and I'm finding it harder than the shines.

Partner work requires both the follow and the lead to know what they're doing and sometimes it's hard to tell who's in the wrong (usually it's both though). Having said that, we have time to get it down, we haven't even learnt all the steps to the whole song yet. Polishing come later.
Uni finishes, and work begins! That exclamation mark is not enthusiasm, it's to accentuate how tiring and how much time it takes up. At the moment my schedule is 5 - 7 1/2 hours a day of swim teaching, and dancing four times a week. The only time I get to myself (and this is when I'm not visiting Sydney on the weekends), is two afternoons a week, and one day on weekends. I'm not exaggerating.

In this spare time I'll hopefully be blogging, continuing/editing my story/novel Los Peregrinos (and cleaning the house, blech) and reading as much as possible.
The aforementioned story can be found at FictionPress.com under the name aquizzle. I already have one review - not much but I'm excited anyway!

So after this wordy post, I'm going to go attempt to see what I can do with my little project.

Or sleep.

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