Sunday, 18 October 2009

Getting Ready

For the end of year assessments and Sydney Salsa Congress '10!
Just quick for now because I've already procrastinated enough today.
But I just got home from a private class with my instructors. I'm in a choreography for the aforementioned congress, and consider myself the least experienced dancer. So I went and booked a private so I could brush up on my fundamentals. Within the hour I could feel myself dancing better and my instructors could see it. I'm happy about that.
Now what I need to do is Practice! Or I'll forget it all by next Sunday, our first rehearsal learning the choreography. So exciting! We're working with some of the best Salsa dancers in the world here!

So on another note, I'm supposed to be reading The Reader Bernhard Schlink for Lit. Studies.
Unfortunately so far I'm not connecting with it. I want to know more about the character of Hanna, rather than view her from the protagonist's POV, as if I were watching her in a movie with the sound off. The reader is told facts about her but there's little characterisation.
And the pace is quite slow.
But, I'll keep persevering (if only to have something to say in the tut) and let you know what I think when I'm done.

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