Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hi! Remember me?

It's been a while. I got wrapped up in dropping a unit of study, taking on an insane 'winter term' unit, and stressing out about my internship. Which is going great by the way.
The lady I mentioned in the last post is Wonderful. She's so enthusiastic and supportive.
For my first article I wrote up a short piece on this Australian poet, with an accompanying interview.

People, I cannot tell you how nervous I was after submitting that first piece. I was nail-biting for the first week until I got an email containing feedback. And then I didn't want to open it up because I was convinced they wouldn't want to keep me on as an intern after the horrible job I'd done.

But then they loved it. Maybe not loved it, but there was praise involved. They only had to change a couple of details before publishing it. So I was happy and telling everyone about it until I had to write my latest piece, a report(ish) on this event. Which I submitted today.
So now I'm a mess of nail-biting again. And the same thoughts are going through my head - are they going to hate it? Will they still want me working there?
Yes, I know I'm being irrational, but this is my process. I'll be absolutely ecstatic when (if) they like it again.

Other news: in my final semester of uni! And the subject I'm most excited about is the Creative Project. It's pretty much six months of writing. Heaven for me.
My first task in this unit is to submit a Project Proposal. This is fine, because I'd been thinking about what I wanted to write about for the last few weeks before term started again.
I'm going to write a back story to my side project Los Peregrinos (LP). In LP, my main character Tawny is the guardian of her nephew Kai. Kai's mother, Tawny's sister, disappeared five years ago in the world of LP.
The back story is of Sal (mother and sister), because it's been bugging me why she would disappear on her son and sister like that. Did I mention she and Tawny are orphans and she had to raise Tawny? Anyway, lots of interesting things going on there that I'm going to use this unit to explore. The story of long lost Sal.

If you're lucky, I might keep you posted on how this project goes.

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